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Make your school stand out with maker education

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How to get – and keep – kids out of the motivational rut?

In the age of viral cat videos, Twitch streams and TikTok tutorials, textbooks are hardly a winning strategy to get through to children. Even if they’re on a mobile or tablet screen. Hands-on learning, however, might just be educators’ new superpower to teach kids not only how our world works but also how they can actively make it better.


What we'll discuss

  • How does maker ed help motivate young minds to explore, design and create – and learn along the way?
  • Why is it essential for bringing STEAM into the classroom and getting kids excited about it?
  • How can today’s schools keep students engaged while developing the skills they'll need to solve tomorrow’s problems?  

What you'll learn

  • Changing requirements of the digital age
  • How schools can adapt to new needs
  • Role and possibilities of constructivist pedagogy and hands-on, maker education
  • Benefits of Maker's Red Box course materials

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Adam Horvath2
Peter Fuchs

Ádám Horváth

Digital education expert

Adam Horvath is a digital education expert. He has worked to redefine education for a digital age with governments, private companies, EdTech startups and communities. Adam is the recipient of the 2016 EU Digital Award for disadvantaged children for coding. He is a judge at World Robot Olympiade and First LEGO League championships and also an ambassador for the European Code Week. 

Ádám Horváth

Passionate maker educator, curriculum developer

Peter Fuchs, Co-founder and Chief Developer of Maker’s Red Box STEAM curriculums. He is a passionate maker educator who strongly believes that schools should inspire children to find what they’re good at and encourage them to follow their path. For the better part of the last decade, he has been experimenting with new ways to unleash children’s talent, hidden or otherwise, through maker education.