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How to get kids and parents excited about makerspace activities? 

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What will you learn?  

In this session, we'll show you how to build up your educational offering to engage parents, school teachers and children with all kinds of interests and educational backgrounds. You can achieve that by using complex maker activities with captivating frame stories aligned to STEAM curriculums. 

Why is that important?  

Education needs an upgradeand it has never been more important to develop 21st century soft and hard skills to meet the expectations of the future labour market. Makerspaces are the key to this change as they offer an ideal and safe environment for STEAM education and hands-on learning. 

Who is it for?  

This training is perfect for makerspaces willing to diversify their services with profitable activities. You can utilize existing digital equipment turning your workshop into an inspiring learning space. Tested and proven solutions – like STEAM education activities spanning 16 occasions in the form of ready to deploy educational contents - help to bring schools and children into makerspaces.


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Main topics we'll discuss:

A) Why makerspaces are ideal venues for STEAM education

B) How to utilize existing digital equipment to integrate new educational services?
C) Career orientation and skill development: keywords to captivate the attention of teachers and parents
D) STEAM education with Maker's Red Box


Peter Fuchs

Péter Fuchs

Passionate maker educator, curriculum developer

Peter Fuchs, Co-founder and Chief Developer of Maker’s Red Box STEAM curriculums. He is a passionate maker educator who strongly believes that schools should inspire children to find what they’re good at and encourage them to follow their path. For the better part of the last decade, he has been experimenting with new ways to unleash children’s talent, hidden or otherwise, through maker education.