Fact or fiction:
four maker education
myths, debunked


Fact or fiction: four maker education myths, debunked

It’s pricey; only suitable for STEM subjects and students already interested in those areas; it requires special expertise and tons of extra effort from teachers.

These are only some of the misconceptions about maker ed that hold educators back from embarking on their maker journey. The truth is, it’s an investment that students, teachers, schools and education systems can all benefit from.

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rocket What's Maker's Red Box?

Maker's Red Boxes are a series of story-driven, STEAM-focused teaching materials that engage students in building transferable soft and hard skills. We believe that maker pedagogy has the power to transform education and bridge the gap between education and the labour market. We started in 2015 as a small group of professionals with the common conviction that makerspaces are the key to the future of education. They are places where children gain relevant skills and find their strengths. Since then we have grown to a team of 17 engineers, teachers, maker educators, gamification experts, and innovators; all devoted to the mission of bringing maker education to as many kids as possible.

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