The climate change
education playbook


Expert advice and proven strategies for addressing the climate crisis in the classroom – and inspiring children to become part of the solution

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Here are the key topics:

  • How to teach the science of climate change to kids without boring or overwhelming them
  • Why an interdisciplinary approach is key to breaking down barriers to big-picture thinking
  • How to immunize children against misinformation about the climate crisis
  • How to address the biggest threat facing humankind today in a way that inspires action, not dread


What's Maker's Red Box?

Maker's Red Boxes are a series of story-driven, STEAM-focused teaching materials that engage students in building transferable soft and hard skills. We believe that maker pedagogy has the power to transform education and bridge the gap between education and the labour market. We started in 2015 as a small group of professionals with the common conviction that makerspaces are the key to the future of education. They are places where children gain relevant skills and find their strengths.

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