How can schools keep up with the biggest trends in STEAM education?

Learn how to partner with Maker's Red Box and become part of our growing reseller network.  

Did you know that maker learning is one of the fastest growing educational trends? 

TeachThought analyzed traffic and search trends across educational websites and social media to hone in on what educators are looking for, with maker ed coming in on top. 

Due to its stunning popularity with both educators and students, STEAM-oriented devices and gear are abundant, however dedicated teaching materials are still scarce. 

Maker's Red Box aims to change that, with a storytelling-based curriculum that challenges students to engineer unique solutions - using the tools available in STEAM labs and makerspaces. 


STEAM education is on the rise - Make it work for you! 

Based on the amount of schools and educators looking for STEAM education materials it looks like STEAM education is on the rise. And that's great news for both students, educators and resellers. We've been working on curriculum development in this space for years with a lot of success - success we’re on a mission to replicate in STEAM labs across continents.

We're looking for the right partners to spread the magic of hands-on learning in each region. One of our values is to work closely with just a few partners in each region, so that we can put our time and energy into creating customized solutions for your audience.