​Prepare kids for future jobs with STEAM education and storytelling

Learn how to utilize existing STEAM education equipment and develop future-ready skills with Maker's Red Box. 

Can you name 5 major differences between classrooms from the 1900s and today?

Besides a few tech touch-ups like projectors and TVs, not much has changed. Meanwhile, we’re just a few years away from self-driving cars chauffeuring kids to ‘old school’ schools, and face ID unlocking their phones to pay for lunch.

How can classrooms keep pace with this kind of rapidly evolving tech?

STEAM labs can provide low-cost spaces to teach the indispensable soft skills and powerful technical skills that will help students thrive in tomorrow’s workforce. And Maker's Red Box's story-driven STEAM courses bring these spaces to life. Imagine your students teaming up to build a scaled-down version of a future city. Or banding together on a mission to get to Mars to terraform the planet. These are some of the stories that Maker’s Red Boxes are designed with.

Curious about how you can storytell your way into STEAM integration?

We have compiled a collection of useful resources for educators. Be a part of our community and start engaging your students now.